Improve medical decision


Deep learning assisted diagnosis for knee tears detection from MRI

Our vision

OAI aims for improve therapeutic decision in osteoarticular pathology.

Thanks to advances in deep learning and creation of annotated MRIs database, OAI project could be developed.

Deep learning method will have major impact on imaging interpretation simultaneously with time acquisition reduction.


OAI is a prototype of clinical decision support tools using deep learning method and trained with muskuloskeletal IRM database. 

All compliance procedures are validated:

  • compliance with standards for medical decision support software, particularly  EN ISO 62304 standard,
  • CE marking of the medical device: compliance with all applicable standards and regulations, constitution of the technical file including a clinical evaluation,
  • GDPR regulations.

Our ambitions

Algorithm available on the cloud

MRI acquisition time divided by 3

A relevant diagnosis based on the confrontation of a single database


OAI is the result of multidisciplinary collaboration, between medical experts (Bordeaux-Merignac osteo-articular Center) and computer and deep learning researchers (Artificial Insight, Labri, CNRS).

Latest news

OAI at the next SIMS congress ?

An abstract on deep learning for knee tears detection from MRI was submitted, pending acceptance. Programme :


OAI is looking for clinicians, radiologists and applied mathematics experts to collaboratively develop the use of radiology of the future.

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