There are no doubts that artificial intelligence will be introduce in our speciality, if not already the case. A lot of treatment algorithms, classification systems, databases already exist but there are a lot of complex problems to reduce. Every day, a lot of data is produced. OAI will use those data to solve a part of time-intensive interpretation problem.

Artificial intelligence could be used to detect subtle anomalies on X-ray, help broken bone detection in emergency service, or follow the response of a bone tumor to chemotherapy.

Currently, OAI work on automatic arthrosis detection and over time cartilage decreasing. This approach can have a lot of applications when we evaluate utility of treatments such as viscoelastic devices, platelet-rich plasma and stem cells or medical treatment of inflammatory arthropathy. All patient data : medical records, digital information on X-rays or MRIs will be used in compliance with the GDPR regulations.